Orange Triple Pack

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Lammidia Bianchetto

Type  Orange

Region  Abruzzo, Italy

Grape  Trebbiano

Volume  750ml

ABV  10.5%

It's funky, earthy and retains a slight prickle from potentially finishing fermentation in the bottle. Peach, nectarine, honey, earthy and lemon zest on the nose. More honey and apricot with grapefruit pith in the mouth

Costadila Moz

Type  Sparkling

Region  Veneto, Italy

Grape  Glera, Moscato

Volume  750ml

ABV  11%

Both fresh and yeasty, it's an incredible Prosecco unlike any other. Expect minerality and fruitiness on the nose with a bit of crunch in the mouth. We recommend serving it very cold.

Poderi Cellario E' Orange (1L)

Type  Orange

Region  Piedmonte, Italy

Grape  Nascetta, Moscato, Incrocio Manzoni

Volume  1L

ABV  12.5%

This orange wine is just like breakfast juice it's that gluggable. Slightly aromatic with a hint of honey on the finish.